See The Amazing Wedding Dress That Cost Just $10. But Just Wait Til You Look At It REALLY Closely.

Most wedding dresses cost upwards of $2,000. If you are on a budget you can probably get one at around $500. This pretty handmade dress however cost just $10, made by an incredibly talented artist Olivia Mears.

Cheap Wedding Dress

Cheap Wedding Dress 3

Cheap Wedding Dress 4

Aside from the elaborate design, there is something that sets this white gown apart from the rest. You’ll need to look really closely to see it.

Cheap Wedding Dress 2

Do you see it? If not, here’s a hint:

Cheap Wedding Dress 5

This stunning dress is made entirely out of 11 rolls of toilet paper, 100+ feet of tape, and lots of glue. The gold detail is just tape. Can you believe it?

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