10 Disney Princesses Reimagined As Sexy Vintage Pin-Up Girls

Pin-up artist Gil Elvgren who was active in mid 20th century was famous for drawing flirty all-American girls. In more modern times, Deviantart artist KittRen created a series of photo manipulations of Disney princesses transformed into his pin-up girls, complete with the same provocative pose.

Check out the illustrations below. The charming princesses are like you’ve never seen them before.


Mulan Pin-Up

Mulan shows the boys how it’s done!

Princess Aurora

Princess Aurora Pin-Up

When she’s not sleeping, the beauty enjoys a little picnic.


Rapunzel Pin-Up

Rapunzel sits in front of a wanted poster with her husband’s face. She seems ready to smack anyone with her frying pan!

Snow White

Snow White Pin-Up

Snow White still loves her apples.


The Little Mermaid Pin-Up

The mermaid’s tail seems to be in the way.


Tiana from The Princess and the Frog Pin-Up

Tiana only has eyes for her frog prince.


Belle Pin-Up

Belle is seen with the enchanted rose.


Cinderella Pin-Up

Cinderella is stitching up a small tear in her dress before the ball.


Jasmine Pin-Up

Jasmine is holding a small bird that she has freed from its cage!


Merida from Brave Pin-Up

Merida is taking aim but the wind is not helping.

We can’t wait to see a version of the newer Disney royalty Elsa and Anna too. Share these coquettish Disney posters with others below.