5 Things That ONLY People Who Wear Glasses Will See


If you’ve never worn eyeglasses, you will never experience this. This is the “magic” that happens when someone with poor vision puts on his glasses in New York City, and things instantly snap into focus. The finer details of Times Square, Central Park and Grand Central Station can suddenly be seen in clarity.

Anyone else finds these GIFs strangely therapeutic?

Glasses Cinemagraph (5)

Glasses Cinemagraph (1)

Glasses Cinemagraph (2)

Glasses Cinemagraph (3)


Glasses Cinemagraph (4)

In this case, the magic unfolds through Armani glasses, as these animated cinemagraphs were created for an ad campaign by digital artists and photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg. We believe it works the same for any ordinary glasses too. Share these beautiful cinemagraphs with others below.


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