These 12 Machine GIFs Are The Most Hypnotizing Things You’ll See Today

Machines are awesome. They make things. Hundreds of millions and billions and hundreds of billions of things over and over again. Watching them work is strangely mesmerizing and will lower your blood pressure.

Here are the GIFs to prove it.

1. The machine that magically cleans up condiments.

Condiment Remover

2. The machine that organizes batteries.

Battery Organizing Machine

3. The machine that shapes biscuits perfectly.

Biscuit Shaping Machine

4. The machine that tests highlighters.

Ink Testing Machine


5. The machine that links chains.

Chain Linking Machine

6. The machine that sorts coins.

Coin Sorting Machine

7. The machine that solves a rubik’s cube faster than you.


8. The machine that folds paper airplanes.

Paper Airplane Machine

9. The machine that shapes pasta.

Pasta Shaping Machine

10. The machine that shapes pretzels.

Pretzel Shaping Machine

11. The machine that ices a cake beautifully.

Cake Icing Machine

12. The machine that puts the wrappers on crayons.

Crayola Making Machine


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