6 Beautiful Photo Manipulations Of Miniature Cities In Cups

Ireland-based photographer Jason McGroarty and curator Karen McDermott have collaborated on a project inspired by the drinking culture of cities around the world.

A Place To Go, Please features wonderfully imaginative photo manipulations of the distinct landmarks and imagery associated with each city. Each city is represented by a beverage garnished by an emblematic architecture. Paris is for example represented by a dreamy date night under a moonlit wine glass, while London pays homage to the typical afternoon tea, enjoying a butter scone over a light read.

A beautiful project to discover. Can you recognize each of the cities depicted?

  1. Miniature City In A Cup 1
  2. Miniature City In A Cup 2
  3. Miniature City In A Cup 3
  4. Miniature City In A Cup 4
  5. Miniature City In A Cup 5
  6. Miniature City In A Cup 6

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