These Packaged “Human Meat” Look Like Something Out Of A Horror Film, But Carry A Powerful Message.

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Animal rights activists from the group Animal Equality staged a demonstration in Barcelona, Spain, in front of the Cathedral of Barcelona, during the Day Without Meat event. Demonstrators simulated raw meat packaging found in supermarkets, by covering human models with fake blood and plastic sheets in an attempt to raise awareness and move people to stop eating meat.

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Animal Equality is an international non-profit animal rights organization whose purpose is “to achieve equal consideration and respect for animals, and the abolition of animal slavery”. The group is known to organize street demonstration to promote respect for animals.

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Unlike PETA, who organized an identical demonstration three years ago, Animal Equality also carry out direct actions such as rescuing pigs from slaughterhouses, and raiding warehouses where 40,000 were held captive hens. In June 2008, they carried out two joint operations in the La Monumental bullring in Barcelona after one of the bulls died.

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