The Giant Green Butt Plug Christmas Tree In Paris Has Been Destroyed

A controversial artwork said to resemble a huge green butt plug has been erected in the heart of Paris – and the residents are not happy.

“Tree”, the giant inflatable by US artist Paul McCarthy has been placed in the upmarket Vendome Square for the FIAC international art festival.

Paul McCarthy Tree (3)
Bertrand Guay/AFP / Getty Images

The swanky Ritz Hotel and luxury jewelry stores are now the backdrop for the tree. The artwork is intended to resemble a Christmas tree but has sparked outrage for its similarity to a sexual aid, provoking a mixed storm of outrage and mirth on social media.

McCarthy has admitted that he was partly inspired by the shape of a butt plug.

Feeling has been so strong that a passerby punched McCarthy, 69, three times in the face at the launch, before promptly running off.

Paul McCarthy Tree (1)
Bertrand Guay/AFP / Getty Images

I guess you could say that people were seriously butthurt over this.

For those unfamiliar with the toy, here’s a photo slider comparison.

Butt Plug TreeButt Plug

Bertrand Guay/AFP / Getty Images/Twitter: @butt_plug_music / Via Mark Di Stefano

Some angry Paris residents decided to take matters into their own hands, deflating the “tree” one night when security guards weren’t looking.

It quickly looked like this:

Paul McCarthy Tree Destroyed (1)
@Flosh on Twitter

Then this:

Paul McCarthy Tree Destroyed (2)
Bertrand Guay/AFP / Getty Images

R.I.P. Christmas Tree Butt Plug Thing.

The organizers said they intend to resurrect the sculpture as soon as possible.

Paul McCarthy Tree (2)
Chesnot / Getty Images

All hail the Parisian butt plug!