Meet Pompous Albert: The New Grumpy Cat With Beautiful Curly Hair

Pompous Albert is a beautiful Selkirk Rex with the distinctive curled hair specific to the breed. He frequently updates his Instagram with photos of his adorable permanently grumpy face and the sharp tongue of one who is not afraid to speak his mind.

Despite his sullen exterior and his tendency to brag, Albert is a sweet pussycat who particularly loves children. According to his human, Albert is a “rejected show cat” who’s named after Albert Einstein. So one can’t blame this silver-haired feline for having a bit of an attitude.

They call it #permascowl

Pompous Albert 18

The term “handsome devil” began with me.

Pompous Albert 4

Proud to be voted Most Unproductive Paperweight, 3 years in a row.

Pompous Albert 12

People think I’m fake, but I can’t help it that I have perfect features.

Pompous Albert 13

These toys are an insult to my intellect.

Pompous Albert 14

Long hair, and I for real don’t care.

Pompous Albert 17

Haircut tomorrow. I don’t want to talk about it.

Pompous Albert 15

LOL all you want.

Pompous Albert 21

Monday’s got nothin’ on me.

Pompous Albert 3

Albert’s Office Tip: This is the look you give a boss who wants you to work over the weekend.

Pompous Albert 6

You’re not writing important things anyway.

Pompous Albert 7

Things I do, just for fun.

Pompous Albert 10

8:05 am like I don’t even care.

Pompous Albert 19

It’s just like yoga- but for cats, duh.

Pompous Albert 5

I’m thinking about treats, in case you’re wondering.

Pompous Albert 20

This weird rug appearing under my tipi. I don’t trust it.

Pompous Albert 1

Adding ‘incredible stealth’ to my resume.

Pompous Albert 2

Here’s a wink for all my new followers.

Pompous Albert 11

Sure is cold without the fluff.

Pompous Albert 8

I’m not grumpy or angry, I’m just smarter and better looking than you.

Pompous Albert 16