24 Craziest Things That Ever Got Stuck In The Human Body

Cellphones, knives, engagement rings, and grenades… You will find it hard to believe that these are some of the things that have found their way into people’s (and pets’) bodies. Even more amazingly, every single one of these people survived.

Some of the most bizarre X-ray finds happen to be the result of prisoners’ smuggling attempts gone awry. But even more disturbingly, you will find that people managed to get strange objects lodged in their body in everyday occurrences too.

Keep reading to see the craziest junk that have been found and removed from the human body.

1. Live Grenade

Grenade In Skull X-Ray

Mother-of-three Karla Flores was selling seafood on the streets when she was hit by a grenade launcher. The live grenade got embedded in her skull but did not detonate, but it could go off at any moment and kill everyone within 32 feet. None of the doctors in the local hospital were willing to operate on her, so they had an open call for volunteers. Four brave people came forward: Two anesthesiologists, Felipe Ortiz and Cristina Soto, the nurse Rodrigo Arredondo and Dr Lidia Soto. Along with two explosive experts from the Mexican army, they operated on Karla in an open field. The doctor, who wore no armor, successfully extracted the device.