24 Hilarious Animal Selfies That We Don’t Mind Seeing Over And Over Again

As many of you know by now, the Oxford English Dictionary crowned “selfie” the word of the year for 2013. Selfies are everywhere, and apparently everyone is doing this. Even the animals.

Whether it’s a happy-looking seal in South Georgia, or a koala bear down under, it seems animals really have better, funnier and cuter selfies than humans.

Watch these animals get their paws and hooves on the selfie trend, pulling cheeky poses for the camera.

  1. Llama Selfie
  2. Dog Selfie (1)
  3. Sloth Selfie
  4. Cat Selfie (5)
  5. Cat Selfie (4)
  6. Cat Selfie (3)
  7. Cat Selfie (2)
  8. Cat Selfie (1)
  9. Squirrel Selfie
  10. Sloth Selfie (2)
  11. Seal Selfie
  12. Rabbit Selfie
  13. Monkey Selfie
  14. Lion Selfie
  15. Lemur Selfie
  16. Koala Selfie
  17. Horse Selfie
  18. Elephant Selfie
  19. Dog Selfie (7)
  20. Dog Selfie (6)
  21. Dog Selfie (5)
  22. Dog Selfie (4)
  23. Dog Selfie (3)
  24. Dog Selfie (2)

Which of these is your favorite animal selfie? Share it with your friends below.

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