26 Absolutely Amazing Houses That Are Out Of This World

25. 96-Square-Foot Home


This micro-home called Nido is a two-story structure that is less than 96 square feet. The reason for its tiny size, other being cost-effective, is that the Robin Falck (Finnish designer behind the architectural project) decided to build himself a getaway that would allow him to forego the need for building permits. It is secure enough to privately house him and even includes a tiny deck for taking in the natural scenery. The entire home was built with locally sourced materials in about two weeks.


26. House of Salvaged Windows


Costing roughly $500 in total to construct, this unique cabin was built by photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horwitz. The two spent several months salvaging discarded windows and assembling them together to create a home away from home in the mountains of West Virginia.