Meet Amoo Hadji, The Dirtiest Man Alive Who Has Not Bathed In 60 Years

Amoo Hadji is an 80-year-old Iranian man that has not showered in 60 years.

Amoo Hadji lives in the village of Dezhgah in Iran.

Amoo Hadji (16)

His skin is perpetually caked in soot and mud.

Amoo Hadji (15)

Some say it resembles the tough hide of an elephant.

Amoo Hadji (1)

He walks with the help of an old walking stick.

Amoo Hadji (8)

Apart from not washing himself at all, Amoo Hadji has cultivated a few unconventional habits over the years.

Amoo Hadji (4)

One of his few possessions is a three-inch steel pipe, through which he smokes animal dung instead of tobacco.

Amoo Hadji (17)

He also enjoys multiple cigarettes at a time.

Amoo Hadji (18)

When it comes to food, he cooks animal carcasses such as rotten porcupine meat.

Amoo Hadji (14)

He lives a nomadic life.

Amoo Hadji (12)

One of the few places that he uses as shelter is a hole in the ground that resembles a grave pit.

Amoo Hadji (6)

Another is an open brick shack built by those who felt sorry for him, so he can hide from weather elements.

Amoo Hadji (9)

Amoo Hadji (13)

He adopted this extreme, alternative lifestyle after suffering some setbacks in his younger years.

Amoo Hadji (7)

One question you will be asking is “why does Amoo Hadji not bathe himself?”

Amoo Hadji (11)

He believes that cleanliness brings him sickness.

Amoo Hadji (5)

Amoo Hadji (10)

While Amoo Hadji’s isolated and extreme lifestyle may seem hard to swallow, he has few worries in life. He is at one with nature, sleeps under the stars, and subsists with food he finds for free. With little possessions, he never has to worry about getting robbed.

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