24 Incredibly Heartwarming Animal Stories That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

3. The dog that almost lost its life saving owner in machete attack.

Oi the Dog

Patricia Adshead was making tea in her kitchen when a machete gang broke in. She was trapped in the kitchen with Oi and one of the men. Oi leapt to her defense and bit the attacker’s hand. Even when he brought the weapon down on her, Oi managed to chase him out of the house, saving Adshead.

4. The Beluga that instinctively saved a diver’s life.

Mila the Beluga Whale

Diver Yang Yun thought she was going to die when her legs were paralyzed during a free diving contest. Mila, a Beluga whale, saw the diver struggling and used her nose to guide her to safety.