This 94-Year-Old Grocery Store Worker Got Laid Off. What Customers Did In Return Will Make You Cry.

94 year old Arthur St. John had been a part-time bagger at the Stratham Market Basket store for 22 years. Recently he was devastated by the news that he had been laid off along with hundreds of other workers.

After hearing that Arthur had lost his job, Bonnie Gervais and her teenage son Christian decided to help him out. They started raising funds online to help him pay his bills. But they never expected it would raise thousands. In August, Arthur received two checks for a combined $8,180!

Arthur St. John

Many of the donations come from customers who were appreciative of the service he provided while bagging their groceries.

“I’ve been shopping at the Stratham store just a few years longer than you’ve been working there and I’ve always enjoyed seeing you and appreciate your courtesy. Hope this all gets resolved soon and you get back to enjoying what you love. Thank you, Mr. St. John,” one customer wrote.

Another customer posted: “It is always a joy to see Arthur at the end of the conveyor belt. He is always so sweet to my little son.”

Arthur, who used to take home $125 from his Market Basket job, cried when he received the money. He was very appreciative, but still hoped to have his job for another 10 years.

If you would like to help him out, you can make a donation at Go Fund Me. Share this heartwarming story of human kindness and generosity with others below.