Here’s What Barbie Would Look Like Without Her Makeup

Barbie Without Makeup

Eddi Aguirre, a designer from Mexico created a sketch of what Barbie would look like without makeup to illustrate a makeup feature for a magazine.

In the sketch, Aguirre depicted a Barbie with freckles, bags over and under her eyes, unkempt hair, untouched skin and braces.

Barbie With No Makeup

While Barbie’s face is still freakishly proportioned, she does look a bit more human without her trademark bright blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick, penciled-in eyebrows and thickened lashes.

Another image posted on Reddit also gives us a pretty good idea of Barbie without her usual makeup.

Barbie Without Her Makeup

These images of Barbie’s au naturel look have been dubbed refreshing as they remind people the doll is an unrealistic role model for young girls. Share this with others.