18 Modeling Poses Acted Out By Cats In The Most Hilarious Way

Here are 18 reasons why cats are our favorite models.

Their facial expressions convey more than words can say.

Cat Model (1)

They get comfortable in any position.

Cat Model (4)

They look cute without trying too hard.

Cat Model (5)

They can look pensive and make you wonder what they’re really thinking.

Cat Model (3)

They have the ability to wear any ridiculous outfit and look like they own it.

Cat Model (6)

They can pull off any pose.

Cat Model (14)

ANY pose at all.

Cat Model (2)

They look good in water.

Cat Model (7)

And under it.

Cat Model (12)

They look smashing in headgear.

Cat Model (11)

And denim.

Cat Model (8)

Or even a big o collar.

Cat Model (13)

Their reflexes.

Cat Model (9)

Even a yawn looks photogenic.

Cat Model (10)

Their eyes say a thousand words.

Cat Model (15)

They never seem awkward in front of the camera.

Cat Model (16)

They get in the moment.

Cat Model (18)

They are clearly the star of the show.

Cat Model (17)

No wonder cat photos are always going viral on the internet. Share these undeniably cute and funny cat “models” with others below!