Film And TV Homes Reimagined As Polly Pockets

Lovers of miniature toys will definitely have owned or at least played with a Polly Pocket at some point in their life, having fun with the miniature clamshell dollhouses and you play around with Polly and her friends.

Over the years, Polly Pocket’s style might have undergone some changes since Mattel bought it from Bluebird Toys. But recently, UK toy review site The ToyZone has recruited CGI artist Jan Koudela to have some good ol’ nostalgic fun and reimagine Polly Pocket’s vintage miniature dollhouse style in a series of crossovers with popular films and TV series.

The Simpsons

‘The Simpsons’ house looks the most like the original Polly Pockets.

Stranger Things

Look at the tiny alphabet light wall.

The Lord of the Rings

The tiny One Ring would be waaaay too small to do any damage, right?

The Shining

Even that iconic carpet has made it into the miniature version.


Monica’s apartment and a tiny Central Perk.

The Royal Tenenbaums

The titular Tenenbaum’s family home is also featured in this vintage-looking Polly Pocket.

Now if only we can get these Polly Pockets made in real-life.