24 Hilarious Wikipedia Entries That Are Brutally Honest. These Are All SO True!

TL;DR Wikipedia (Too Long; Didn’t Read Wikipedia) is a Tumblr that comes up with far sassier and funnier versions of Wikipedia entries. Some of these are plain awesome.

Read on to see why this should be your new favorite reference encyclopedia. With this, who really even needs Wikipedia?

Latte Wikipedia

Resume Wikipedia

Ringo Starr Wikipedia

Roman Numerals Wikipedia

Signature Wikipedia

Soul Patch Wikipedia

Sweatpants Wikipedia

The New York Times Wikipedia

CEO Wikipedia

Che Guevara Wikipedia

Clitoris Wikipedia

Coaster Wikipedia

DJ Wikipedia

Earth Day Wikipedia

Electoral College Wikipedia

Exclamation Mark Wikipedia

Greece Wikipedia

IKEA Wikipedia

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Wikipedia

Mirror Wikipedia

Pandora Wikipedia

Pennsylvania Wikipedia

Pompeii Wikipedia

Recycling Symbol Wikipedia

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