17 Gambling Facts That Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

These are the things casinos hope you never figure out.

1. Casinos are set up like giant mazes to intentionally get you lost so you never leave.


2. Free meals and tickets to shows are meant to keep you in the casino so you’ll gamble longer.

Las Vegas

3. Free drinks keep you sloppy, drunk and bold.


4. Casinos purposefully put shiny lights all over the place to imply that everyone is winning, while they are usually not.

Aria Resort and Casino

5. There are no clocks and rarely any windows in casinos, keeping the gamblers from worrying about how long they are gambling.


6. Bathrooms and food are located deep into the casino catacombs, keeping you from escaping.


7. The lighting in casinos is made to resemble your living room, making you more calm and comfortable.

Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino

8. Only 9 percent of California’s Native Americans benefit from casinos.


9. In the first fifteen years Atlantic city had casinos, violent crime rose by 199 percent and larceny skyrocketed 481 percent.

Atlantic City

10. Two-thirds of gambling addicts eventually turn to crime to finance their habits.

Police Car

11. Gambling has been around since prehistoric times.


12. The Catholic and Judaic faiths have tolerated and supported gambling in the past.

Old Money

13. Casinos specialize in games that produce near wins like blackjack and slot machines but ultimately take your money in the long run.

Gambling Machine

14. Keeping track of previous results won’t help you figure out the coming results. It’s all random, dudes!


15. Knowing a game well won’t increase your chances of winning by much. It’s mostly chance.

Straight Flush

16. You won’t win your money back just from playing long enough.

Playing Chips

17. Just because you gamble more, it doesn’t mean you’re destined to have a big win.

Playing Cards