6 Ghostly Animated GIFs That Are Just Plain Creepy

These super hi-res animated GIFs are the creations of Kevin Weir. The NYC-based art director and designer finds black and white photographs in the Library of Congress online archive and adds on his own spooky effects. The resulting animations often have dark, ghostly effects, including spirits leaving the human body, or an elderly woman transforming into a colony of vampire bats.

Check out some of his creepiest GIFs below.

  1. Catherine
  2. Mother Jones
  3. Howitzer
  4. Ypres, Belgium
  5. Ruins of Roebling's Works
  6. Prince Henry of Prussia

Now, that was just unsettling. For more of these creepy GIFs, check out Weir’s Tumblr, Flux Machine. Share these with others below.