18 Awesome Google Tips & Tricks That Will Turn You Into A Search Ninja

It’s hard to imagine a world without Google. Most of us probably use Google everyday, and it’s not just to find information on medical symptoms. But even if we do type into that search box all the time, we probably do not know all the shortcuts and Easter eggs that the search giant has to offer.

Search Ninja

Take the TRUE power of Google into your own hands. Read on for 18 Google search tips that are guaranteed to level up your googling skills.

Make an informed decision on what to have for dinner.

Google Hotdog vs Pizza

Calculate your tips by googling for “tip calculator”.

Google Tip Calculator

Quickly convert any units.

Google Unit Conversion

Or currency rates.

Google Currency Conversion

Find out what the weather is like in any part of the world.

Google Weather

And the local time too.

Google World Time

You can check what time the sun rises.

Google Sunrise

Check if a flight is on time.

Google Flight

Use Google as your stopwatch.

Google Stopwatch

Find out what movies your favorite star has acted in.

Google Movies

Look up songs by your favorite singer.

Google Songs

And quickly find books from a particular author.

Google Books

Look up basic information of any major company.

Google Company Founder

Find the origin of an English word by googling for “etymology” and another word.

Google for Etymology

Play a fun game of Zerg Rush.

Google Zerg Rush

Travel back in time to 1998.

Google in 1998

See the traditional aluminum pole when you google for “festivus.”

Google Festivus

Ask Google to “do a barrel roll”.

Google Do A Barrel Roll

While there are a few of these secret tricks that we are unlikely to use, the quick shortcut searches for unit conversions, world time and flight information can be extremely useful. More people need to know these handy tips. Share them with others below.