This Father Had A Great Idea… $12 and 30 Minutes Later, His Baby Loves It!

Kids love to play with water in the summertime, and with good reason: The weather gets terribly hot, and water games and activities are a fun way to cool down.

One perfect activity for hot summer days for all ages is the water blob. For just $12 in materials and 30 minutes of work, this father made a giant water blob in his own backyard, and his baby daughter loved it!

Viralscape Home-made Water Blob

You can easily make your own water blob too. All you’ll need is just some plastic sheets, an iron and parchment paper. To up the cool factor, add blue food coloring dye for good measure.

Viralscape Home-made Water Blob Steps

Follow this tutorial to make a leak-proof water blob for your family.

Even adults love it. It’s like an outdoor waterbed!

Viralscape Home-made Water Blob Kids

Oh, you may have to refrain from leaving the water blob out for more than two days straight, so that the grass underneath won’t get too squished.

Viralscape Home-made Water Blob Kids 2

When summer comes, I’m gonna make this giant water blob too!

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