Can You Name The Famous Cartoons From These LEGO Creations?

Hamburg-based ad agency Jung von Matt created a new ad campaign for Danish toy giant, LEGO, using simple building block arrangements. Famous cartoons like The Simpsons, South Park and Smurfs have been reimagined using minimalist LEGO compositions.

Take a look at each one and see if you can figure out what cartoon characters they represent!

  1. LEGO The Simpsons
  2. LEGO Asterix & Obelix
  3. LEGO Donald Duck
  4. LEGO Ernie & Bert
  5. LEGO Lucky Luke
  6. LEGO Ninja Turtles
  7. LEGO Smurfs
  8. LEGO South Park

Did you get all 8? Share them with your friends to see if they can figure it out.