12 Reasons Sauron Is Actually A Really Good Guy In “Lord Of The Rings”

We all know Sauron as the big bad in The Lord of the Rings, the second dark lord of Middle Earth, creator of the Rings of Power, big scary fireball eye dude etc.

Given all his evil deeds, it’s pretty easy to jump to conclusions about him, like that he’s, well, evil… But what if we were to tell you that we’ve all been wrong about Sauron all along?

It might be a little difficult to swallow at first, but Sauron was actually a pretty cool guy, and we have all the evidence to prove it.

1. He created over a million jobs.

Good Guy Sauron 3

2. He turned a godforsaken fortress into the center of the industry.

Good Guy Sauron 4

3. He had jobs even for the disabled.

Good Guy Sauron 9

4. He got new creatures for his employees.

Good Guy Sauron 10

5. He conducted an open door policy (or arranged open days).

Good Guy Sauron 1

6. He warned neighbors about the danger.

Good Guy Sauron 2

7. Because Gandalf was also Magneto…

Good Guy Sauron 6

8. He made sure there were emergency exits, because you never know what might happen.

Good Guy Sauron 11

9. He made the ring such that weak people could not use it for the sake of their own interests.

Good Guy Sauron 7

10. He created a gizmo to be always in touch with friends.

Good Guy Sauron 8

11. He brought together nine very different guys with one goal and created a long, true friendship.

Good Guy Sauron 5

12. Poor guy just wanted to give out friendship rings.

Good Guy Sauron 12