This Dad Makes Star Wars Lunches For His Kids That Are Out Of This World

One dad found the coolest way to connect with his kids when they are at school. Every week, San Francisco dad Beau Coffron creates beautifully intricate bento lunch boxes for his kids as a surprise. He shares his beautiful lunchbox art on his website called Lunchbox Dad.

I started making these lunches about three years ago when my daughter started kindergarten. I was looking for a way to connect with her while she was in school and I wanted her to know that her dad was thinking about her. I saw some moms making lunches and putting them online and I thought, ‘I’m a dad, why can’t I do this?’ So I began to make them every Monday for her.

Coffron claims that each lunch takes him only half an hour. To hold the food scenes in place, he uses toothpicks, honey, or a little cream cheese and pack them tightly in food containers. While he’s created a variety of pop-culinary creations, his Star Wars series is definitely a standout. Check them out below.

Star Wars Bento Lunch 1

Star Wars Bento Lunch 2

Star Wars Bento Lunch 3

Star Wars Bento Lunch 4

Star Wars Bento Lunch 5

Star Wars Bento Lunch 6

Star Wars Bento Lunch 7