Forget About Google Maps And GPS. Find Your Way To This Aquarium In Tokyo With The Help Of Penguins!

To aid visitors in finding their way to its doorsteps, Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo has come up with an innovative mobile app.

Sunshine Aquarium Penguin NAVI (1)

Anyone with a mobile phone can simply download the Penguin Navi app and start following the augmented reality penguins. These cute aquarium inhabitants are superimposed onto the world around you and lead people straight to the aquarium in an entertaining way.

Sunshine Aquarium Penguin NAVI (3)

These GPS penguins waddle and move exactly like real penguins, thanks to motion capture technology applied to penguins.

Sunshine Aquarium Penguin NAVI (4)

Not only does the app serve its purpose of making sure people actually get to the aquarium, it has also attracted many new visitors.

Sunshine Aquarium Penguin NAVI (1)

Despite no changes to the aquarium itself, since the introduction of the app visitorship has increased 152 percent, all thanks to these cute virtual penguins.

Sunshine Aquarium Penguin NAVI (2)

We have no idea how they came up with it, but there’s no doubt that it’s an awesome idea. Share this with others below.