20 Diagrams That Show There Are Basically Two Kinds Of People On This Planet

Dog or cat lover. Coffee or tea drinker. There are two types of people in the world despite the many more diverse differences that our species has. Zomato, a website for food enthusiasts, has created a series of simple and cute illustrations that depict some of the most common and not-so-common two-sided distinctions.

Go down the list below and see which camp you belong to. We recommend doing this with a friend as it can be really fun to see how similar or different you are.

Dog Or Cat Lovers

Coke Or Pepsi

How People Eat Chocolate

How People Eat French Fries

How People Eat Pizza

Tea Or Coffee

Burger With Or Without Cheese

Eating With Cutlery Or Not

How People Eat Oreos

How People Eat Colored Candies

Supper Or Not

How To Pronounce Tomato

How People Eat Cake

How People Read A Restaurant Menu

iOS Or Android

Ketchup Or Mustard


Where People Eat

Paying After Meals

Liquor Or Shots

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