15 Most Mind Blowing Photos You Will Not Believe Are Real

Sometimes we take photography for granted. With every device we have now sporting a camera, snapping photos or selfies on-the-fly is as common as checking our watch to see the time. Yet there are some photographs that just make us stand back in amazement. Whether it’s capturing the beginning of something new or archiving a rare moment in human history, there are some images that make us appreciate the technology we have to capture them.

These are some of the most awesome photographs ever captured. We’ll be surprised if your mind isn’t blown even a tiny bit.

1. Maho Beach in Saint Martin

Maho Beach, Saint Martin

Located on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, Maho Beach is marked by its pristine white sand and crystal clear turquoise water. You would expect this beach to be a nice and quiet haven to relax and chill, but the main reason why tourists throng here is to get a close encounter with airplanes. With the close proximity to the adjacent Princess Juliana International Airport, airliners fly so closely above the beach that their wheels look like they are close enough to be touched by beach goers.

Due to the short runway length of 2,180 meters (7,150 ft), approaching aircraft must touch down as close as possible to the beginning of Runway 10, flying over the beach at minimal altitude. Watching airliners pass over the beach is such a popular activity that the surrounding bars and restaurants display daily airline departure and arrival timetables. One bar even has a speaker on its outside deck that broadcasts the radio transmissions between pilots and the airport’s control tower.