8 Awkward Truths Only Wine Drinkers Will Understand

Being a wine connoisseur in this day and age is better than it’s ever been before: wine is higher quality and there are more choices than ever. Despite this, there are some painfully true facts about being a wine connoisseur that can’t help but make us laugh.

1. Time improves all wine.

Wine Infographic (1)

2. There’s actually no difference between a wine expert and a wine idiot.

Wine Infographic (4)

3. Fill-level anxiety is inevitable.

Wine Infographic (5)

4. A wide selection doesn’t always mean you have a lot of options.

Wine Infographic (2)

5. You make do with the drinking vessels you have.

Wine Infographic (3)

6. There’s only one thing that really determines how good wine will taste.

Wine Infographic (8)

7. Times have changed.

Wine Infographic (6)

8. But we’re still in the dark about some things.

Wine Infographic (7)

Via Wine Folly

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