30 Gorgeous Photos That Show Paris Like You’ve Never Seen It

Hungarian photographer Zsolt Hlinka immortalized the city of Paris in a beautiful photo series. The French capital is captured in varying viewpoints, depicting the different geometry and anatomy of the city. One image portrays a bird’s eye view, while another shows the viewpoint of passers-by, and yet another examines the architecture in such detail that we cannot determine the real scale of the photo.

The results are stunning. Enjoy the gorgeous images over some cheese and a baguette.

Paris 8

Paris 7

Paris 1

Paris 2


Paris 3

Paris 4

Paris 5

Paris 6

Paris 11

Paris 12

Paris 13

Paris 14

Paris 15

Paris 16

Paris 17

Paris 18

Paris 19

Paris 20

Paris 21

Paris 22

Paris 23

Paris 24

Paris 26

Paris 27

Paris 28

Paris 30

Paris 29

Paris 25

Paris 9

Paris 10


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