This Young Woman Shared Her Final Months Of Life On Twitter. Her Last Tweets Are Gut-Wrenching.

You probably don’t know who Amanda (@TrappedAtMyDesk) is, but after reading this, you’ll never forget her.


In yet another powerful testament to the impact of social media on our everyday lives, Amanda (no last name given) tweeted all the way to her final hospital check-in when she finally succumbed to brain cancer.

She only published 169 tweets between 2009 and her death in April 2012. Here are her final tweets.

Her tweets become more and more tragic, before she signs off to her followers in a final farewell in April 2013.

Amanda’s brother James later confirms his sister’s death.

Life is so precious; every day is a gift and we never know when our last day will be. Share this with your friends and loved ones and be sure to tell them how much you love them.