26 Absolutely Amazing Houses That Are Out Of This World

23. Home Embedded in a Cave


This home in Festus, Missouri is embedded into a sandstone cave. Originally, Curt Sleeper found an eBay auction for the cave, which sat just 30 miles from where he and his wife Deborah resided. The Sleepers soon decided to acquire the property and transform it into a living space. Taking nearly 5 months to finalize their purchase and an additional 4+ years of construction, they finally had their dream home. The indoor temperatures are mild and the cave home offers a natural feel for the family without ever having to step outside.


24. Underground Desert Home


This semi-subterranean stone home by Deca is camouflaged into its surroundings in rural Greece. It seamlessly blends into the desert environment. The home is half-hidden beneath the earth, allowing the environment’s natural beauty to thrive. Down in the courtyard spaces, the living areas are given a physical connection to the land without disrupting the aesthetic of the landscape.