26 Absolutely Amazing Houses That Are Out Of This World

3. Boeing 727 House


The frame of a 1965 Boeing 727 has been incorporated into a home’s design in Costa Rica. Though its initial purpose was to transport people from South Africa to Columbia, it was salvaged and repurposed into a 2-bedroom suite.


Its fuselage serves as a long interior lined with small windows to view the surrounding gardens and ocean. The old airplane was bought for $2,000 from a San Jose airport resting place, moved for $4,000 and renovated for $24,000.


4. House Balancing on a Rock


This house has been sitting on a rock in Serbia for over 45 years. Though it may not be an ideal location to live in, it’s a perfect resting spot for swimmers of the lake who need a place to rest comfortably.


It was first conceptualized in 1968 by a group of young swimmers and finally erected the following year as a one-room home. It’s remarkable to think that it has managed to balance itself in place all these years, surviving gusting winds and the potential dangers of water damage.