24 Incredibly Heartwarming Animal Stories That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Do animals experience emotions like we do? It’s an ongoing debate that scientists have had for decades. Yet anyone who has ever shared a close bond with an animal can swear that animals display a depth of emotions, and in some ways are more loving, compassionate, trusting and loyal than humans.

Here are 24 heartwarming animal stories that show just how much animals experience emotions. Each one will tug at your heartstrings…

1. The parrot that learned to say “I love you.”

Alex the African Grey parrot

Alex was an exceptionally smart African Grey parrot who had a vocabulary of over 100 words. When he died, his last words to his owner were “You be good. I love you.”

2. The dog that finds comfort in church after his owner passed away.

Tommy the Dog

Tommy the dog went to mass with his human when she was alive. After her death he goes to mass by himself and sits quietly.