8 Beer Cocktail Recipes That Do The Impossible: Make Beer Even Better

The only thing more awesome than an ice-cold beer? These 8 ice-cold beer cocktails, or beers with a little extra going on (hello there, chelada).

Black & Tan

Black & Tan Beer Recipe

Black and tan is the classic mixed beer drink. Just fill up half of your pint glass with the pale beer (lager works too) of your choice and then finish it off with Guinness (or another dark beer if you must) so that it rests on top.

Black & Black

Black & Black Beer Recipe

For a fruity take on the black and tan, try out a black and black. Pour half a glass currant juice (which is actually more of a crimson than black, but we’ll let it slide) and top it off with a dark beer.

Black Velvet

Black Velvet Beer Recipe

Black velvet is the fancy version of the black and tan. Swap out the pale beer for whatever champagne your budget allows, and you’re good to go.


Chelada Beer Recipe

Add some lime juice to a light beer (Corona and Modelo are recommended) to get a chelada. Kick it up a notch with some hot spices, then garnish with salt on the rim of your glass and a slice of lime.

Irish Car Bomb

Irish Car Bomb Beer Recipe

You know the Irish car bomb as the worst mistake you’ve ever made, but here’s a primer for uninitiated. Pour half a glass of Guinness, fill a shot glass with equal parts Jameson Irish Whiskey and Bailey’s Irish Cream, drop the shot into your pint glass and say your prayers.


Redeye Beer Recipe

The Redeye is a beer version of the Bloody Mary. Mix 12 oz of the the pale beer of your choice with 4 oz tomato juice, add a dash of hot sauce and adorn with pepper, celery, lemon or whatever else you can dream up.


Shandy Beer Recipe

Mix beer with 7Up to get a shandy. If you don’t to have 7Up on hand, try ginger ale, carbonated lemonade, or any other citrusy juice or soda. The ratio should be about half and half.


Snakebite Beer Recipe

If cider is too sweet for you, try a snakebite. The drink mixes equal parts beer and cider for a slightly fruity taste without being overkill.

Summer Hoedown

Summer Hoedown Beer Recipe

To refresh yourself while you fight off the brutal heat, try the summer hoedown. To make a pitcher, liquefy one watermelon in a blender to create the juice and then mix it about four white beers like Hoegaarden.

Beer Cocktail Recipes