21 Perfect Emoji Comebacks You Should Start Using

If you thought you were good at using emoji, think again. Here are 21 clever uses that take emoji to the next level.

Step it up, people.

  1. Cry Me A River Emoji
  2. Did You Say Something? Was That The Wind? Emoji
  3. Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You Emoji
  4. Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Emoji
  5. Dumb As A Door Knob Emoji
  6. Go To Hell Emoji
  7. GTFO Emoji
  8. I'm Between A Rock And A Hard Place Emoji
  9. Kiss My Ass Emoji
  10. No Time For Your Bullshit Emoji
  11. Not My Cup Of Tea Emoji
  12. Not The Brightest Bulb Emoji
  13. Read It And Weep Emoji
  14. Screw You Emoji
  15. Talk To The Hand Emoji
  16. That Was Cold Emoji
  17. When Pigs Fly Emoji
  18. You're In Deep Shit Emoji
  19. You're In The Dog House Emoji
  20. Your Head's In The Clouds Emoji
  21. Your Mom Emoji