The Best Time To Book Your Hotel On The Cheap In 25 Cities Around The World

Booking a hotel room is pretty straightforward, right? And most times it is: Pick a destination, choose your dates, enter payment info and voila, happy travels!

Bora Bora Luxury Resort

You probably want to get a great deal on hotel accommodation, no matter where you stay. And you can, if you time your booking correctly. Agoda, a popular hotel booking site in Asia, has released an infographic detailing the best time of the year that travelers should make their bookings. By analyzing its customers’ hotel booking data, it calculated the average cost of hotel rooms in 25 major tourist cities around the world and found out when it is cheapest to travel to each destination.

For most cities, the cheapest months to book hotels are January and February. During the school summer holidays in June and July, you can save money on hotels in Istanbul, Dubai and Milan. The year-end peak period sees some good hotel deals in Barcelona and Stockholm. Check out the full infographic below.

Best Time To Book Hotels

If you are planning your holidays in any of these 25 cities, you can stretch your vacation budget further by making a room reservation during the cheapest months. Be sure to also learn the various hotel secrets before you arrive! Share this useful infographic with others below.