38 Awesome Food Hacks To Level Up Your Cooking. Bacon Pancakes, Anyone?

If you thought you knew how to cook, or eat, you’re wrong. Here are 38 innovative food hacks that will revolutionize your cooking and make everyday food easy to make and total fun. Innovation was never this delicious!

Bacon cinnamon roll

Food Hack (14)

Cut small foods easily

How to cut tomatoes

Perfect ice cream sandwiches everytime

Food Hack (12)

Dental floss can perfectly cut soft solids

Food Hack (27)

Easy cheese sticks

Food Hack (1)

Chocolate cream hack

Food Hack (2)

Use a balloon to shape a chocolate bowl

Food Hack (3)

DIY Chocolate Bowls

The perfect egg burger

Food Hack (4)

An easy way to remove the stem from a strawberry

Food Hack (5)

Easy chopsticks

Food Hack (6)

Use your cheap hangers as clips

Food Hack (7)

Wet your fingers before removing pieces of eggshell

Food Hack (8)

Here’s a brilliant breakfast idea

Food Hack (9)

Melted banana split

Food Hack (10)

Hold your taco with a fork

Food Hack (11)

Use a apple corer to make french fry wedges

Food Hack (13)

Goodbye sticky hands

Food Hack (15)

Mandarin orange strip

Food Hack (16)

Use an electric knife to remove the kernels

Food Hack (17)

Lemon flowers

Food Hack (18)

Summer covers for your drinks

Food Hack (19)

Coffee ice cubes

Coffee ice cubes

Milk and cookie ice cubes

Food Hack (20)

Bacon pancakes

Food Hack (21)

Cheesy bread hack

Food Hack (22)

Pancake pops

Food Hack (23)

Use an empty ketchup bottle for your pancake mix

Food Hack (24)

BLT sandwich

Food Hack (25)

Ziploc bags will keep ice cream soft

Food Hack (26)

Easy pancake art

Easy Pancake Art

Easy Pancake Art 2

Easy Pancake Art 3

Use a waffle iron for hashbrowns

Food Hack (28)

How to open a chocolate kiss

How to open a chocolate kiss

Pastry folding hacks

Pastry Folding Hacks

Use cookie cutters for creative pancakes

Use Cookie Cutters for Creative Pancakes

The same can be done with eggs

Use Cookie Cutters for Creative Eggs

Sprinkle decorations

Sprinkle Decorations

Bake cookies with bananas if you run out of eggs

Make cookies with bananas

Grill fish on lemon slices to prevent it from sticking to the grill and add some extra flavor

Grill fish on lemon slices

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