This Is The Only McDonald’s In The World Where The Golden Arches Aren’t Golden

The famous Golden Arches of McDonald’s are instantly recognizable anywhere in the world, luring you with greasy fries, juicy nuggets and a variety of burgers.

But when the Golden Arches look like this, you may do a double take and wonder if this is the same fast-food restaurant.

Blue McDonald's Sedona 3

The blue M can be spotted in Sedona, Arizona, an American town well-known for its massive red rocks and picturesque desert views. And yes, the Blue Arches are genuine.

Blue McDonald's Sedona 2

When McDonald’s applied to situate a restaurant in Sedona, they met with significant resistance centered on their trademark Golden Arches – it seems that the glaring yellow M would clash with the beautiful scenery.

Sedona, Arizona

McDonald’s was asked to select a different color for the arches and the company’s first submission, turquoise, was accepted.

Blue McDonald's Sedona 4

This was the first time ever, in the whole world, that McDonald’s had made such a change to its logo.

Blue McDonald's Sedona 5

Since then, the McDonald’s branch in Sedona has become a tourist attraction of its own. People from all over come to have their photo taken in front of the blue M.

Blue McDonald's Sedona

Here’s the address of the blue McDonald’s:
2380 Arizona 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336, United States
+1 928-282-6211

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