22 Signs Your Cat Is Turning Into A Human

Cats are everywhere on the Internet. Memes after memes and Tumblrs after Tumblrs are springing up in cyberspace offering viewers endless hours of entertainment as they click through pictures of cats doing the most random things. Perhaps we human beings see something of ourselves in these furry felines.

Here are 22 clear signs to look out for if that cat beside you is turning into a human.

They sit upright like you and I.

Cats Sitting Like Human

Sometimes they even sit at the table like it’s perfectly normal.

Cats Sitting At Table

They start walking on two legs.

Cat Walking On Two Legs

They use the toilet instead of their litter box.

Cat Using Toilet

And even flush on the way out.

They use the Internet.

Cat Using Computer

They watch TV.

Cat Watching TV

And knock back a cold one while they are at it.

Cat With Beer

They sleep under the covers, sometimes with a teddy bear.

Cat With Teddy Bear

They read actual books.

Cat Reading

They appreciate the art of using chopsticks.

Cat Using Chopsticks

They are into ball games.

Cat Playing Ping Pong

And are good at it.

Cat Playing Basketball

They wear glasses.

Cat Wearing Glasses

iPads are their favorite toy.

Cats Using iPad

They know how to party.

Cats Wearing Party Hats

They groom their fur with an actual comb.

Cat Combing Itself

They do yoga.

Cat Doing Yoga

They love pizza too.

Cat Eating Pizza

They communicate with human gestures.

Cat Gestures

And high-five you.

Cat Gives High Five

They hug you back.

Cat Hug

And they pet you.

Cat Petting Baby

The transformation is complete.

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