8 Deadly Selfies Taken Just Moments Before Tragedy Struck

Many of us enjoy capturing significant moments in our lives with a timeless selfie. Selfies may have started off harmlessly enough, they have become more extreme as time goes by. In order to get more “likes” on Facebook and Instagram, some people have pushed the limits, often putting themselves in danger in order to get the desired picture.

We have seen our share of extreme selfies where people snapped themselves performing death-defying activities such as sky diving and cliff jumping. Where risk is involved, selfies have also captured the final moments leading up to a person’s death.

Here are some haunting selfies taken just moments before disaster struck.

1. Drunk Guy Shoots Himself In The Head Trying To Take Gun Selfie

Oscar Otero Aguilar

Alcohol, guns, and selfies aren’t a good mix. Oscar Otero Aguilar, 21, from Mexico accidentally killed himself with a shot to the head while posing for gun selfie in July 2014. Before the incident, Otero Aguilar had been drinking with two of his friends in northern Mexico City.

While attempting a selfie with the borrowed, loaded gun, the young man waved the live weapon around and it accidentally went off, fatally injuring him with a bullet wound to the forehead. The selfie was meant to go on Facebook.