This Girl Does Something With Her Food That No One Else Does… And The Results Are Amazing.

Malaysian artist Hong Yi is known as the artist who ‘loves to paint, but not with a paintbrush’. She has experimented with a variety of different media to create artwork, which include coffee stains, sunflower seeds, chilli paste, and basketballs.

In a recent project, she challenged herself to create a new piece of food art everyday for a month, and share the results on Instagram. Only food can be used, and the creations are placed on a white plate backdrop.

See her creative works of food art here.

Food Art-15

Food Art-14

Food Art-13

Food Art-12

Food Art-11

Food Art-10

Food Art-9

Food Art-8

Food Art-6

Food Art-5

Food Art-4

Food Art-3

Food Art-2

Food Art-39

Food Art-37

Food Art-35

Food Art-34

Food Art-32

Food Art-31

Food Art-30

Food Art-29

Food Art-28

Food Art-27

Food Art-26

Food Art-25

Food Art-24

Food Art-23

Food Art-22

Food Art-21

Food Art-20

Food Art-19

Food Art-18

Food Art-17

Food Art-16

Food Art-7

Food Art-33

Food Art-38

Three Little Pigs

Food Art-1

Food Art-40

Food Art-41