30 Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Can Sleep Wherever, Whenever, In Whatever Positions They Like

It’s a known fact that cats spend a great deal of their time sleeping. Most of them sleep an average of 16 hours a day, which is effectively two-thirds of their lives spent snoozing!

With that much time spent sleeping, cats have plenty of time to try out some ridiculous positions and places to sleep. These are 30 or so cats that have been found in odd yet adorable sleeping positions. Do not attempt any of them unless you (a) have professional experience with sleeping and (b) are some kind of a cat.

  1. funny-sleeping-cats-6
  2. funny-sleeping-cats-7
  3. funny-sleeping-cats-8
  4. funny-sleeping-cats-9
  5. funny-sleeping-cats-10
  6. funny-sleeping-cats-11
  7. funny-sleeping-cats-12
  8. funny-sleeping-cats-13
  9. funny-sleeping-cats-14
  10. funny-sleeping-cats-15
  11. funny-sleeping-cats-16
  12. funny-sleeping-cats-17
  13. funny-sleeping-cats-18
  14. funny-sleeping-cats-19
  15. funny-sleeping-cats-20
  16. funny-sleeping-cats-21
  17. funny-sleeping-cats-22
  18. funny-sleeping-cats-23
  19. funny-sleeping-cats-24
  20. funny-sleeping-cats-25
  21. funny-sleeping-cats-26
  22. funny-sleeping-cats-27
  23. funny-sleeping-cats-28
  24. funny-sleeping-cats-29
  25. funny-sleeping-cats-30
  26. funny-sleeping-cats-1
  27. funny-sleeping-cats-2
  28. funny-sleeping-cats-3
  29. funny-sleeping-cats-4
  30. funny-sleeping-cats-5

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