10 Great Examples Of What Instagram Food Photos Should Be Like. That Last One Of The World Cup? OMG.

Many of us have snapped photos of our meals at one time or another, and most of us do it to share on social media casually.

But these 10 photographers take photos of their food for a living, and they’re attracting huge followings on Instagram.

Here’s a list of the most-followed food photographers on Instagram. After seeing these beautiful food photos, many of us will put more thought and creativity into that next meal photo.

Food Photography (8)

Southern California-based lifestyle photographer Michelle Yam shares a variety of photos on her Instagram account, from the meals she has at Los Angeles’ top spots to amazing food art she creates herself. (@michelleyam)

Food Photography (7)

Beth Kirby is a freelance stylist, photographer, and recipe writer living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The photos on her Instagram account have a rustic, southern feel to them. (@local_milk)

Food Photography (2)

Trish Papadakos runs a housewares company called Trish + Co., but she also takes some amazing pictures of food. The Toronto-based photographer shares photos of things she’s cooking as well as dishes she tries out at local restaurants. (@trishpapadakos)

Food Photography (10)

Kate Arends is the founder of Wit & Delight, a brand and design studio based in Minneapolis. She posts beautifully styled photos of food, fashion, and home goods to the blog’s Instagram account. (@witanddelight_)

Food Photography (1)

Brittany Wright is a Seattle-based food photographer whose professed goal is to teach herself to cook anything and everything. Her photos feature lots of fun pops of color, and she often arranges her food to look like a rainbow. (@wrightkitchen)

Food Photography (3)

Emily Blincoe is a photographer from Austin with an amazing eye for color. She snaps photos of a lot of different things, but her food photos are some of her most visually stunning work. (@thuglifeforevs)

Food Photography (4)

Nicole Franzen is a food and lifestyle photographer who has done work for major publications like “Food & Wine,” “Martha Stewart Living,” and “Conde Nast Traveler.” She’s based in Brooklyn but frequently posts photos from her travels. (@nicole_franzen)

Food Photography (5)

Marte Marie Forsberg is a Norweigan food and lifestyle photographer who shoots from her cottage in the English countryside. She also posts photos from visits to local farms, giving her page a feel of calm, rustic charm. (@marte_marie_forsberg)

Food Photography (6)

Los Angeles-based stylist Julie Lee arranges her food into collages so neat they look like prints. All of her ingredients come from either her urban garden, a neighborhood forage, or the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. (@julieskitchen)

Food Photography (9)

Norwegian photographer Ida Skiveness makes some of the cutest food art you’ll ever see, like this portrait of Rio she did in honor of the World Cup. Her artwork was made into a book that will be available in seven languages by the end of the year. (@idafrosk)

From food collages to designs that look like rainbows, these photographers make their food appear almost too beautiful to eat. Share these outstanding food photos with others so that they will be inspired too.