17 Movies That Made Huge Mistakes You Completely Missed

When enjoying a movie, we sometimes get distracted by the special effects and overlook the finer details. The truth is, many movies contain plot holes, continuity errors and logical inconsistencies.

As any movie buff would agree, spotting plot holes (and Easter eggs) can be fun especially on a rewatch of the same movie. It can be quite satisfying knowing that you have noticed something that a writer missed.

Check out some of the movie plot holes that you may not have noticed before.


Star Wars

The Dark Knight Rises

The Matrix

Toy Story


West Side Story


Back To The Future

Die Hard II

Ghostbusters 2

The Simpsons

Karate Kid

Rocky 5

Santa Claus

Home Alone

Independence Day

Which of these movie plot holes bothered you the most? Share this list with your friends below and see if they are surprised by any of these.