48 Most Beautiful News Anchors In The World

When catching the latest news on television, it’s hard not to notice when it’s presented by a beautiful news reporter. Many news anchors are engaging and entertaining, with the good looks to match. From CNN to Fox News and MSNBC, the newsroom has a stable of good looking anchors who make the most basic news stories that much more interesting.

We’ve compiled a list of 48 most beautiful female news anchors on TV. You will not want to channel surf if you tune in to one of these stunning news presenters.

1. Melissa Theuriau – M6, France

News Anchor 25

Proving that Europe has some amazing news talent, Melissa Theuriau is a French journalist and news anchor for M6, France’s most profitable private news network. Melissa gained widespread fame not only for her hard hitting investigative reporting but also for having been voted world’s most beautiful news reporter. A video compilation of her reading the news went viral on the internet.