42 Incredible Miniature Paintings For Ants That Will Captivate Humans

Postcards for Ants is an ongoing painting project by Lorraine Loots. Since January 1, 2013, the Cape Town artist has been creating a new miniature painting everyday.

The paintings are highly intricate and detailed, each one just the size of a small coin. Lorraine works with fine-tipped paintbrushes and pencils with the help of a magnifying glass to create each teensy painting, and the results are mesmerizing. The subject matter can range from animals, classic vehicles to everyday objects. It’s impossible to get bored looking at her artwork, taking in the smallest details.

Check them out below.

  1. 1962 Volkswagen Classic Splitty Kombi
  2. African Penguin
  3. Apple
  4. Balloons
  5. Beer
  6. Bridge
  7. Camera
  8. Cheeseburger
  9. Dandelion
  10. Ferrari 250GT Spyder California
  11. Guitar
  12. Hasselblad 1600F
  13. Hot Chocolate
  14. Ice Cream Waffle
  15. Ice Cream
  16. Kitten
  17. Large Magellanic Cloud
  18. Lazari cupcake
  19. Lighthouse
  20. Lily
  21. Owl
  22. Praying Mantis
  23. Rabbit
  24. Red Telephone
  25. Saxophone
  26. Spring Blossoms
  27. Suitcase
  28. Typewriter
  29. Vespa Scooter
  30. Volkswagen Beetle
  31. Wilson's Toffee
  32. Yashica-D
  33. Latte
  34. English Bull Terrier
  35. Baby Grand Piano
  36. Perfume Bottle
  37. Paper Cranes
  38. Compact Powder
  39. Baby Carriage
  40. Singer Sewing Machine
  41. Minions
  42. 1956 Jaguar XK

For more of Lorraine’s miniature art, check out her Tumblr. Share her amazing work with others below. More people need to see this.