12 Insanely Cool Halloween-Themed Lip Makeup To Look Spooky With

The most obvious way to look festive during Halloween is to dress up in a creative costume. But Spanish makeup artist Eva Senin Pernas found a novel way to get into the spooky spirit of the season, starting with the lips.

Each one of Pernas’ lip designs is incredibly intricate and at once frightening, mysterious, and irresistible. The themes of her immaculate lip compositions range from pumpkins and spiders, to haunted houses and Batman. Each one blends a remarkable amount of color without ever looking overstated.

  1. Halloween Lips (4)
  2. Halloween Lips (6)
  3. Halloween Lips (5)
  4. Halloween Lips (10)
  5. Halloween Lips (9)
  6. Halloween Lips (1)
  7. Halloween Lips (7)
  8. Halloween Lips (2)
  9. Halloween Lips (11)
  10. Halloween Lips (12)
  11. Halloween Lips (8)
  12. Halloween Lips (3)

    Halloween Makeup

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