The Japanese Created A Shadow Picture Book And It’s The Coolest Book I Have Ever Seen. I’m Stunned.

In many parts of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, shadow play is an ancient art used in storytelling. This old tradition was a popular form of entertainment for both children and adults, often using various types of puppets with an interplay of light and darkness.

An interactive Japanese children’s book by Megumi Kajiwara and Tathuhiko Nijima is also using shadow play to help tell the story.

The book is called Motion Silhouette.

Shadow Picture Book (6)

As the reader flips each page, pop-up images create shadows that move with every turn of the page.

Shadow Picture Book (1)

The books are made to order by hand.

Shadow Picture Book (1)

You can manipulate the shapes and shadows to tell a beautiful story.

Shadow Picture Book (2)

As a light source is directed toward either side, a different moving image is projected on the page.

Shadow Picture Book (2)

The imagery is gorgeous.

Shadow Picture Book (3)

Check out a video demonstration.

Shadow Picture Book (4)

Each book costs 6,000 yen, or around $60.

Shadow Picture Book (5)

This is the perfect book for keeping most readers interested. The beautiful handiwork and illustrations also make it a memorable gift for loved ones. You can make an inquiry via the authors’ website. Share this with others below.