The Top 5 Minor League Picks To Watch Out For This Season

The MLB Draft is only a few months away and with that in mind everyone’s eyes turns to the future. Which rookies are worth the hype and which aren’t? Who will make the cut in fantasy leagues, bookies’ odds, and the MLB itself? Here are the top 5 according to the MLB themselves.

5. Mackenzie Gore

Gore is considered the top prep left handed pitcher in this year’s draft. His pitching variety and pace make him a sound investment for any team looking to build on their pitching rotation. However his blessing is also his curse as his young age and preferred position will always make injury a huge risk. Couple this with his unorthodox action means that his best will most certainly be while he’s young. In spite of this his pitching is outstanding with many pundits suggesting only Hunter Greene is better on the mound.

4. Royce Lewis

Lewis is a great all rounder. Playing at shortstop his athletic abilities are average if not better for the MLB and everything he does looks smooth and controlled. He can steal, field, throw, catch, and bat. The only question marks really are where is he suited. Some scouts believe he can remain at shortstop while others think in time his arm will make him a second baseman. This uncertainty is the only fault in his game however and he is one to watch out for.

3. Kyle Wright

Wright comes with great pedigree from Vanderbilt. What is the draft without a pitcher from the illustrious side? Physically he is perfect for a starter standing at 6ft4in and weighing 220lbs. His durability throughout the season and strikeout rate is very impressive even if his junior year stats have been below expectations. Even with this bump in his form his natural build, ability on the mound, and durable arm make him a top pick for any side.

2. Brendan McKay

Brendan is a rare gem. Being extremely successful with both the ball and the bat, this left-hander has a simple yet effective swing with explosive pace on the bat. McKay’s pitching records during freshman and sophomore years are also impressive making him a threat on the mound. His ability in both roles are also his weakness. He isn’t capable of 90 mile pitches and he won’t steal many bases, but overall his ability with ball and bat have put McKay at the top of many franchises’ shopping lists.

1. Hunter Greene

Greene is considered by many to be the top pick this year. All based on his ability at shortstop. Couple this with his incredible right arm and an ability to pitch plus 100 mph make him unstoppable. His work ethic, intangibles, and age mean there is only room to grow for the young pitcher with many pundits suggesting him reaching top of the rotation on any team.

These picks have the potential to go far and with pride, and money to play for, they are well worth considering for your fantasy league.